A Side Hustle Idea: The Baccarat Hustle

The Unit Strategy

Disclaimer: There is no sure way to beat the casino in any card game, my strategy does not guarantee any winnings or cash.

Where do I start, In the beginning there was a broke and down an out man walking the lonely streets of SIN CITY and down to is last $100 and no where to go. He stop and look up and there was the D casino having their yearly Baccarat Tournament and the by in was $100 and the rest is HISTORY. He won the contest and now I’m here to tell you how he won the tournament prize of $100,000 that day.

Go here if you don’t know how to play or rules of Baccarat.

So what is the “The Unit Strategy”, see system flow below. See strategy in play down below or click here for video.

The Setup – Note: Make 2 Unit Stacks, 1 for Bankroll, 1 for Units Won

  1. Bet on banker with minimum wager
  2. Repeat same bet until player wins, then skip next hand(no bet)!
  3. Go to next phase – “Generate Unit Stash”

Generate Unit Stash – Note: One Unit = One $ Chip

  1. If player wins then bet on player with 2 units, 1 units: repeat this bet until player lose, next bet on banker(use step 2 betting)
  2. If banker wins, bet on banker with 4 units, 2 units, 1 units: repeat this bet until banker lose, skip next hand(no bet)!
The End = When Daily or Session(s) Cash-Flow Goal Is Meet


  •  We are playing for UNITS and not MONEY.
  •  If you lose more then half your bankroll stack, STOP playing and try a different day.
  •  Go here to practice the strategy – https://wizardofodds.com/play/baccarat/
  • Once your Unit Stash is at goal, leave the CASINO playing floor.
  • Once you are above your bankroll stash, play from the Unit Stash, only dipping into Bankroll when need be.
  • Set your goal between $250 to $500 or 25 to 50 Units per day/session
  • Minimums: bet amount = $25, bankroll = $2,000 – daily/session goal: 20 to 30 Units($200 to $300)
  • Don’t DRINK any ALCOHOL, if you do STOP playing and resume card play another day!
  • If you WIN send me a TIP to my Cashapp: $moneymakingjes or PayPal: moneymakinjes@gmail.com
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