How To Keep Up With A Home's Septic Tank Service Needs

Posted on: 30 March 2023

If your house has a septic tank, you don't want it to develop problems. To keep your home's septic tank in top operating condition, you need to do a few things to reduce the risk of problems. A septic services contractor will encourage their clients to do the following five things.

Schedule Pumping Regularly

One of the most important septic tank services is pumping. Ideally, you should have a company pump the system once every few years. Many people try to cut corners by only pumping their systems when they start to have trouble. However, this isn't the best way to achieve optimal operation. Even if the system doesn't appear to have any problems, regularly scheduled pumping will make a major difference in preventing issues.

Maintain Records

Whenever you pay a septic services provider to handle a problem or do routine maintenance, enter the date and nature of the call into a log. You may notice a pattern if you see it in the log. Also, this information will be useful to the next person who owns the property.

If there aren't any records of previous service, it's best to treat the system like it requires maintenance now. You will have peace of mind knowing exactly when a septic services firm last dealt with the system.

Redirect Drainage

Know where all of the drainage systems on the property go. Ideally, you want none of them to lead anywhere near the septic system or the drain field. If you identify any downspouts, pipes, or other systems draining toward the field, redirect those elsewhere. An excess of groundwater in the drain field will reduce the septic system's flow.


You should also consider scheduling regular inspections. If there are any problems, a professional can identify them before they get out of hand.

Also, if you're just buying a house that has a septic system, it's best to schedule an inspection before you proceed with the deal. Do not assume a home inspector will detect problems because they don't have the experience or tools of a septic tank services company. Septic issues don't have to be a deal breaker on buying a house, but you should factor them into the price.

Apply Best Practices

A septic system is a living thing, and there are best practices for keeping its bacteria working well for you. Never pour strong chemicals into the drains because these can kill the bacteria. Even medications can disturb the system.

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