Does A Septic Drain Cleaning Service Use A Hydrojet?

Posted on: 1 February 2023

You might find yourself using the plunger and pouring drain cleaner down the drain all the time, but you're never able to clear your drain out. These methods of clearing out your drain are just not very effective and you are better off hiring a drain cleaning service that uses a hydrojet to clean out your septic drain line.

How the Hydrojet Works  

The purpose of a hydrojet is to use pressurized water to penetrate the clog found in your septic drain line to clear it out and allow your home to drain normally. However, with a septic line, you will need to use a low-pressure hydrojet so you do not cause expensive damage to your septic line.

Why Your Septic Drain Line is Clogged

Your septic drain line becomes clogged if your septic tank is not pumped regularly. Then, your tank is not able to adequately filter sludge and the sludge then escapes into the septic drainfield. Then, water is not able to escape your pipes and into the soil. 

In a septic system, debris can accumulate in the laterals such as grease, hair, and soap. A hydrojet will remove these forms of debris and can also cut through tree roots. Like with any plumbing system, trees might extend their roots into the drain line in search of water and nutrients. The roots then cause the drain line to become clogged.

What to Expect With a Visit From a Drain Cleaning Service

The first step is for the drain cleaning service to inspect your septic system to identify clogs and heavy buildup. They will make sure that the drain line is suitable for using a hydrojet. If the hydrojet is not the right choice for your system, they'll use a different approach such as a plumber's snake.

Using the Hydrojet

The drain cleaning service will begin by finding a good location to insert the hose so that it can begin to pump water into your septic system. While a hydrojet can be very powerful, the drain cleaning service technician can adjust the hydrojet to make sure that the water pressure doesn't damage your septic drain line.

The technician inserts the hose into the drain and it moves further down the drain as clogs are dislodged. When the hose encounters a clog, it will use the hydrojet to clear it out. Then, your septic drain line and your septic system in general will function normally.

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