How Does Regular Septic Pumping Help You As The Homeowner?

Posted on: 16 January 2023

The septic system is an essential component of the waste management system in homes that don't have a connection to the municipal sewerage system. Further, if you have installed the underground tank for wastewater treatment, you already know that it will need pumping from time to time. Note that homes with few occupants and minimal waste to manage can get their systems pumped every five years or so. However, those with more occupants and a higher waste volume should consider frequent pumping. Here are ways that you will benefit from getting your system pumped regularly.

It Keeps Your Water Source Healthy

Wastewater contamination is a problem for homeowners who rely on a well for their drinking water. Remember, waste from the system stays within a tank, and any liquid waste floats at the top. Then the waste moves to a drain field and gets filtered before joining the groundwater. However, when a tank overflows, the effluent flows to the drain field, where it might clog up the system and prevent contaminants from being filtered out. That said, you can eliminate this hazard by having your sewage system pumped regularly. Also, have your water tested to ensure it is safe to drink.

It Protects Your Surroundings From Pollution

If wastewater reaches ponds or lakes, it can create hazardous algae blooms. In most cases, you can tell if there is a leak within your system by observing the lawn. If an area close to your wastewater treatment and disposal unit is greener than the rest of the yard, you have a leak. Further, watch out for standing water or moist places near the septic tank. If you notice wet patches, you should quickly remedy the environmentally harmful sewage issues by scheduling tank cleaning.

It Stops Sewerage From Backing Up into the Home

One of the most dangerous things that could happen in your home is sewer backing up through the drain pipes. On the other hand, unsightly drain blockage can be avoided by having your septic pumped regularly. That said, there may be an issue with the system if you notice that your drains are backing up. So, check your toilets and determine whether they are draining as efficiently as they usually do. If this is not the case, get in touch with an established septic service provider immediately.

Consult a septic tank pumping expert to help determine whether your wastewater treatment and disposal unit need pumping and cleaning. You will have a cleaner home and more efficient drainage when you invest in regular system cleaning and maintenance. 

For more info about septic system cleaning, contact a local company.