What Happens If You Don't Follow Your Septic Cleaning Schedule

Posted on: 29 April 2022

If you use a septic tank to collect and treat wastewater in your home, it's vital to maintain it regularly. If you neglect it, you'll face more issues beyond the awful smells. This will affect the quality of your life and cause inconveniences in the neighborhood. One maintenance task you should prioritize in order to avoid drainage and wastewater treatment issues is septic cleaning.

When the sewage water you produce gets into the treatment tank, it forms the scum and sludge layers. Over time, these layers build up, making it challenging to break the waste down because the tank is full. You will need to clean out the tank right away to restore the functionality of the sewage treatment system. Here are issues you'll have if you fail to seek septic cleaning immediately.

The Drains Function Slower

When you don't pump out the septic treatment system on time and produce more sewage waste, the waste will accumulate in the drains. This happens because there is not adequate room for more sewage waste in the tank. The drains will get blocked within a short time, and any effort to fix the clogs will not yield results. You'll need a pumping service to remove the sludge and scum and unclog the drainage immediately so waste can flow efficiently into the septic system.

The Tank Will Overflow

This is a nasty experience you wouldn't want to see in your home. If the wastewater treatment tank is full, and you don't seek professional help to pump the contents out, the sludge will overflow and saturate your drain field. This creates health risks and causes bad odors. Luckily, you can call experts to clean out the tank as well as the backyard to restore comfortability in your residence. Your neighbors will thank you too for eradicating the awful smells.

Some Sewer Backup Issues Will Ensue

Slow-draining sewage is a primary sign that your septic is full. If you don't pump out the waste and clean the tank, backups will occur because the pipes are already full of sewage wastes. Moreover, the wastes you produce won't have room to go into the tank.

Sewage backup causes issues like water damage that will affect the structure and house contents. Also, you'll expose your loved ones to germs and foul odors, and the moisture may cause mold growth. If you don't want these inconveniences, schedule a residential septic cleaning service immediately. Remember to assign the task to a seasoned professional to get quality service.