3 Drain Cleaning Misconceptions Not To Fall For

Posted on: 3 November 2021

Even minor drain clogs can be an issue, and this is why you want to make sure you have valid information when it comes to taking care of your drains and preventing clogs. With so many misconceptions about drains and drain cleaning, it can be confusing to know just what to do when it comes to the drains in your home. Here are three misconceptions you don't want to fall for and the correct information on your drains: 

Misconception 1: Clogged drains are a minor inconvenience

Some people believe that a clogged drain is an inconvenience. They think they can avoid using that drain until they get around to having it cleared, and nothing else will happen. However, problems such as pipe leaks and even damage to the home's sewer system can stem from an ignored clogged drain. While preventing and even clearing out clogged drains are repairs that are easy and affordable, the problems that can happen when they are ignored can be serious and more expensive. 

Misconception 2: You can save so much money cleaning your drains

Some people feel there is no reason to have a plumber clean the drains. They feel using store-bought drain cleaning products is how these things should be handled. However, store-bought drain cleaners are toxic, and they are dangerous. They use chemicals that eat through clogs. These chemicals can cause serious burns, and repeated use can cause damage to the plumbing. There are different ways a plumber can go about cleaning your drains, and they are much better methods than doing it yourself. 

Misconception 3: Professional drain cleaning is just too expensive

Many people think that having a plumber come to clean the drains is very expensive. However, when it comes to the regular maintenance needs of your home, you will likely find that drain cleaning is one of the more affordable services to have done. On top of this, it is much more expensive for you to have the plumber come out to repair all the other problems that a clogged drain can end up causing due to not having the drains cleaned. 

If it's been a while since your drains were last cleaned, or you are noticing signs that it may be time, you should call a plumber to come to clean them. They can provide drain cleaning services and help address any misconceptions you may have about your plumbing.