Septic Issues That Require Professional Interventions

Posted on: 18 July 2023

The septic system has several dangerous and complex parts unsuitable for DIY servicing or repair. Below are some septic issues that only professionals should handle.

Electrical Issues

Some septic systems use a pump to get effluent from the tank into the drainfield. In such a case, the pump will get its electrical power from a cable running from the panel. Septic contractors usually run the cable under the drain line to prevent accidental excavation damage.

Problems with the electrical system or pump require professional intervention for two reasons. First, you might mess up the electrical cable or septic pump during the repair. Secondly, you risk electrocution if you are inexperienced with electrical systems. 

Leaking Tanks

A leaking septic tank requires prompt intervention because it contaminates the surrounding environment, including underground water, with untreated wastes. Sealing can fix minor leaks, but tank replacement is usually unavoidable for major leaks.

Septic tank replacement is a major project that only a professional contractor can efficiently handle. The project requires disconnecting the septic pipes and electrical connections before digging out and replacing the tank. The project is not only labor intensive but also dangerous due to the risk of expire to septic fumes and effluent.

Drain Field Failure

A septic drain field fails when it can no longer treat and absorb the wastes it receives. For example, the drain field can fail if water floods it and prevents effluent absorption. Soil compaction by heavy equipment can also fail the field.

Restoration or replacement may be necessary depending on the extent of the durian field failure. The contractor has to disconnect the system from the existing field, remove the pipes, identify a location for the new field, and carry out the new installation.

Full Tank

Once waste decomposes in the tank, liquid effluent flows out, and the solid effluent remains. Over time, the solid waste accumulates and fills the tank. Septic pumping is the only solution to a full septic tank, and you must do it regularly. During the pumping, you must inspect the tank, open the cover, suck out the effluent, and close the cover.

The pumping service requires a professional contractor for two reasons. First, few homeowners have a vacuum pump for sucking effluent out of the tank. Secondly, working around the tank is risky for those unaware and inexperienced of the dangers. For example, you might fall into the tank if you don't recognize and avoid its deteriorated cover.

For more information on septic system service, contact a company that works with septic systems.