Plumbing Repairs For A Leaky Pipe Under The Kitchen Sink

Posted on: 2 May 2023

Plumbing repairs are often difficult to do by yourself. They usually require special tools and knowledge. Whether it's changing bad parts in a toilet tank, repairing a faucet, or fixing a water heater, it's often best to leave the work to a plumber.

Fixing a leaky pipe under the kitchen sink is a common repair. You might try to fix the pipe yourself but find the connections are stuck. You might use tape or clamps, but those are temporary solutions. Here's how a plumber might handle this type of plumbing repair.

Determine If The Leak Is Constant

One way the plumber can tell if the leak is in a drain or a water supply line is to look under the cabinet for the leak. If there's water dripping and the faucet is off, the leak is from a supply line because the supply line is under pressure and forcing water out of the leaky area. If the leak only happens when a faucet is running, the leak is probably in a drain because the only time water is in the drain is when the faucet is running.

Tighten The Water Supply Connections

A leak in the water line is often caused by loose connections. If you have old plumbing and have steel or copper pipes, the plumber will also check the pipes for holes or corrosion. Newer plumbing uses braided flexible water lines, and those mostly leak around connections.

The plumber may try tightening the connection at the faucet, supply pipe, and shut-off valve. The shut off-valve might also be to blame since the stem might wear out when the valve is old. The plumber might try tightening the stem, and if that doesn't work, they may need to replace the valve instead.

Look For Drain Leaks

If your plumbing is old, you may have metal drains. Those can corrode and get holes that drip when water runs down the sink. If your home is fairly new, you probably have plastic drains. When these leak, the water usually comes from a connection, like where the straight pipes join the P-trap. There could also be a loose connection at the sink.

The first things the plumber may check are the nuts that join pipes together. They can tighten them or add sealant to the threads to see if that fixes the leak. If not, they'll examine the pipes to look for a hole or other damage. If a drain pipe is damaged, the plumber can replace the pipe and fix the problem.

A plumbing repair that involves leaks under the kitchen sink usually isn't too difficult to do. However, when the plumbing is old and corroded or frozen in place with mineral scale from hard water, repairs become more difficult. Still, a plumber can stop the leak, and that will stop water damage and allow the cabinet to dry out so it won't attract bugs or mold.

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