Should You Empty Your Septic Tank? Here's Why It's Beneficial

Posted on: 28 November 2022

If you're looking to maintain a healthy septic tank system, a critical maintenance practice you shouldn't disregard is to pump out your tank regularly. By doing this, your tank will operate efficiently for a long time without any major issues. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to delay septic pumping until they notice a foul smell or slow drains. Then, by the time these indicators are apparent, the costs of septic tank emptying may be higher, especially if there are other underlying issues within your tank. This guide highlights the reasons to consider emptying your tank:

You Won't Need to Worry About Ground Water Contamination

You won't have to worry about groundwater contamination when you routinely pump out your septic tank. During your septic tank's normal functioning, the solid waste settles at the bottom while the liquid, referred to as effluent, remains at the top. The effluent then flows to the leach field, where it's filtered before it enters the groundwater. However, if the tank overfills, it pushes waste to the drain field and clogs it, allowing solid waste to pass through. This is an issue you can prevent by emptying the tank regularly.

You Don't Have to Be Concerned About the Tank Overfilling

During your septic tank installation, the professional will ensure that the tank's capacity is sufficient to accommodate the wastewater produced by your household. Nonetheless, if you fail to empty your tank based on the recommendation from your technician, it may back up into your home, posing health risks to all inhabitants. The wastewater may also flow into nearby water sources. Besides frequent pumping, you must also avoid using toxic chemicals that prevent the breaking down of solid waste.

You Will Make Huge Savings

Given that you ought to schedule pumping every few years, it is possible to plan and budget for it. This form of planned maintenance is more cost-effective than having to deal with emergency repairs and replacements. Keep in mind that frequent septic pumping reduces the likelihood of issues like the buildup of particles that may cause clogs, which can then cause pipes to burst.

You Don't Have To Deal With Bad Odor

When your septic tank begins to fill up, it will produce a pungent smell similar to that of rotten eggs. Raw sewer is likely escaping from your tank if this odor is strongest outside, particularly near the leach field. By scheduling a septic emptying appointment at the recommended time, you can avert this problem.

Regular septic pump outs are crucial in ensuring that your tank operates efficiently for many years. This also helps to safeguard the good health of your household members.

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