5 Types Of Damage Septic Tank Repair Services Can Fix

Posted on: 6 September 2022

Is your septic tank leaking or overflowing? This crucial structure is central to your home's hygiene and sanitation. A septic tank failure will make toilets back up and overflow and, in some extreme cases, spill onto your floor and carpets. It can also cause damage to your property. What types of damage can septic tank repair services fix? 

1. Collapsed Baffle  

The baffle is a key part of the septic tank system, as it helps to keep solid waste and scum from leaving the tank and entering the leach field. When the baffle collapses, it can cause a blockage that prevents the effluent from flowing out of the septic tank. 

As a result, the septic tank can quickly fill up, leading to sewage backup and other serious problems. In most cases, the septic tank repair involves replacing the collapsed baffle and restoring your septic system to working order.

2. Damaged Dip Pipes 

The dip pipe is responsible for carrying water from the tank to the drain field, and when it breaks, water can back up into the home. Additionally, a damaged dip pipe can cause sewage to leak into the ground, contaminating drinking water and damaging the environment. 

While a broken dip pipe is a serious problem, it can be repaired relatively easily. First, septic tank repair services will empty the tank to locate the damaged pipe. Once the damaged pipe is found, it can be replaced with a new one. 

3. Tree Root Infiltration 

Tree roots can grow into the septic tank, causing serious damage. In some cases, tree roots can even cause the septic tank to collapse. If you have tree roots growing near your septic tank, it is important to have them removed as soon as possible. A barrier will also be placed to prevent tree roots from coming near the tank.

4. Cracks and Leaks 

Cracks and leaks can be caused by various factors, including ground movement, settling, and even tree roots. Cracks and leaks can allow sewage to escape from the septic tank, contaminating the surrounding soil and water. 

Additionally, cracks and leaks can allow rainwater to enter the septic tank, causing it to overflow. Septic services repair the cracks using waterproof cement.

5. Soil Movement  

This can be caused by various factors, including groundwater, heavy rain, and even tree roots. Soil movement can cause the septic tank to crack or leak, allowing sewage to escape and contaminating the surrounding soil and water. 

Additionally, soil movement can cause the septic tank to collapse, resulting in a complete failure of the system. The septic contractor will stabilize the soil and create a stable platform for the tank.

A functional septic tank is crucial to keeping your home habitable, so you should take prompt action to fix faults when they happen.

Consult septic tank repair services to restore proper hygiene in your home.