4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Portable Toilet Rentals

Posted on: 18 July 2022

Are you planning to order portable restrooms for your upcoming corporate event? The facilities will allow you to choose your favorite venue and ensure convenience for your guests. But how do you ensure they are clean and get the best from the rental service? Read on to learn a few tips to help you enjoy your portable toilet rentals. 

1. Get Enough Units

You should always have adequate toilets at your corporate events. It is easier to maintain cleanliness for a longer time if you have adequate units to serve your guests. Your guests shouldn't be subjected to long waiting lines that give no room for cleaners to attend to your units. For example, OSHA recommends the standard number of units for construction workers. You could apply the same ratios for your event. Ensure that cleaners can attend to an unoccupied unit without extending the waiting time.

2. Replenish Supplies Regularly

Shortage of toilet papers, handwash soap, and sanitizers at the toilet can frustrate users. This is unhygienic and creates the perfect recipe for trouble and discomfort. Unsanitary conditions can ruin your reputation. Therefore, you should ensure your toilets have enough access to clean water. This will help the users maintain overall cleanliness when using the facilities.

You could ask the rental company to install deodorizers and air fresheners to eliminate any odors in the units. The units have additional accessories like air conditioners and heaters that might need to be regulated frequently. Therefore, you should keep in touch with the toilet rental service to ensure everything is running as expected.

3. Consider Seeking Additional Services

You will probably have other important things to do instead of just overseeing the toilets. You might need help in running the facility properly and ensuring it is clean. Therefore, it makes sense to ask the rental company for help. Consider paying for full services when ordering the rentals. The rental company will ensure the supplies are restocked. You will have cleaners designated to clean the toilets and ensure everything is running smoothly. They will handle timely waste disposal and refill water tanks on time. While the extra services come at an extra cost, they undoubtedly take a huge burden off your shoulders.

4. Ask Your Event Organizers to Inspect the Restrooms

Consider asking the event organizing team to spot-check the toilets for cleanliness. This helps you remain proactive so you can take measures before anything bad arises. For instance, it is easier to deal with any problematic toilet before things get out of hand. Cleaning and inspecting toilet units regularly minimize the risk of dirt or inconveniences.

Maintaining portable toilets doesn't have to be difficult. With the tips above, you can make your work easier and facilitate cleanliness throughout the rental period. If you need toilets, contact the rental services to learn more about their services.