Installing A New Septic System On Your Property

Posted on: 24 May 2022

Many homeowners will find themselves in a position where they will need to have a new septic system installed in their homes. While there are contractors that can complete the necessary work of removing your previous septic system and installing the new one, there are still factors that you will need to weigh as you are making decisions during the planning process of this project.

The Size Of The Septic Tank That You Will Be Installing

The size of the septic tank that you have installed is an important factor that will need to be determined based on the number of people that will be living in the home. Those with larger households may benefit from a larger septic tank as it will be better able to break down the waste that is entering it. This can also reduce the frequency that the septic tank will need to be pumped, which can be one of the more disruptive parts of routine maintenance for these systems.

The Location Where The New Septic System Is Installed

The location where the septic system is installed is another impactful decision. Ideally, these tanks will need to be located in an area that is safe from roots as they can grow into the drain lines and cause obstructions or ruptures. However, you will also want to keep the septic system away from areas where you park as the soil in these locations could be more vulnerable to becoming compressed. Lastly, the septic system should be located in an area that has good drainage and that is not prone to developing standing puddles of water. This will ensure that the water being released from the septic system will filter down into the soil rather than pooling near the surface.

Suitable Markers For The Location Of The System And Its Access Hatch

At various points in time, your septic system will need to undergo maintenance or repairs. Having a marker that shows where the access hatch is for the system can make it much easier for these contractors when they are needing to find and work on this system. Luckily, there are discrete options that you can use to help mark the location of this hatch so that you will not forget where it is over the years. One example of a good option is the placement of a decorated rock, birdbath, or other small structure in the area. These options can effectively remind you of where this access point is located without compromising the aesthetic of your landscaping. 

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