Signs Of A Clogged Septic Tank That Needs Professional Cleaning

Posted on: 5 April 2022

Your septic tank acts as a garbage bin for your plumbing system, collecting anything you flush down the toilet, greywater from your showers and laundry, and the foods and water that go down your sink as you wash the dishes. However, unlike a garbage bin, a full septic tank is not a problem you can handle yourself. Septic tank problems can compromise your entire plumbing system. Therefore, a septic system clog calls for immediate attention. Here are four signs of a clogged septic tank.

1. Bad Smells

If you have noticed a funky smell coming from your drains, it is time to schedule septic tank cleaning services. Anything that goes down your drains eventually makes its way to the septic tank. But when your septic tank is clogged, all the wastewater has nowhere to go. Instead, it stays in the pipes and may sometimes back up, causing a foul smell.  

2. Slow Drains

When your septic tank has a clog, you will notice that water goes down the drains slower. If your septic tank has a clog, when water or other liquids go down the drain, they encounter blockage and cannot move quickly through the pipes. If you have tried using a plunger or cleaning products to unclog your slow drains, but the problem persists, consider hiring septic system cleaning services to get rid of the clogs in your drain. Treat slow drains as an emergency plumbing problem because when ignored, you will soon have to deal with a complete septic system backup.   

3. Pooled Water Near The Drain Field

Standing water is one of the less obvious signs of a septic tank clog. If your septic tank has a clog, it will no longer be able to accommodate wastewater. Consequently, all that wastewater will start seeping into the ground over the septic tank. Eventually, you will notice a pool of water over the drain field as the soil becomes waterlogged. If it has not rained in a while, a full septic tank may be the culprit behind the standing water on your lawn.

4. Overgrown Lawn

Wastewater is a natural fertilizer with nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which promote plant growth. Therefore, when wastewater leaks onto the lawn area near the drain field, the grass in that area thrives. Everybody wants a green lawn, but it shouldn't come at the cost of your septic system. If the areas where your lawn is lush are also damp, consider setting an appointment with your plumber to have your septic system checked for blockage. Cleaning your septic tank will have your clogged drain functioning properly in no time. 


Do not wait until wastewater starts backing up your drains. Contact your plumber if you have observed any of the above signs and have them clean your septic system.

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