What Can Be Determined With A Video Pipe Inspection?

Posted on: 1 March 2022

Video pipe inspections can be invaluable in a number of different situations. Sticking a camera down a pipe allows plumbers to see a pipe without ever having to dig it up. Here are a few of the common reasons why a video pipe inspection may be done and what exactly can be determined with the footage shot during a video pipe inspection. 

Assess The Age and Condition of the Pipes

One of the things that a video pipe inspection can help to determine is the age and condition of the pipes. This information is important for a few reasons. First off, someone buying a home may want to ensure that the pipes are in good condition, especially if they are purchasing an older home. Secondly, this information can be used if it is suspected a home may have lead pipes or older pipes, and the homeowner is considering replacing the pipes. Learning the age and condition of the pipes allows a potential buyer to understand what they may be buying or allows a homeowner to determine whether now is the best time to replace their pipes or whether they can wait to replace them. 

Determine What is Causing an Obstruction  

Another issue that a video pipe inspection can be used for is an obstruction in the pipes. If water is backing up into your home, there is likely an obstruction in the pipes. But, if snaking the line does not work, a plumber may recommend sending a camera down the pipes. This helps the plumber see what may be causing the obstruction. If the obstruction is caused by a collapsed pipe or a tree root, treatment is different than if the obstruction is caused by hardened grease or fat. The camera allows the plumber to see what the problem is and then treat it. 

Figuring Out Exactly Where a Leak Is 

The final issue that can be determined with a video pipe inspection is figuring out exactly where a leak is. If there is water or sewage leaking into your yard, you need a repair. However, plumbing lines can be long, and a leak is not always directly below the water or waste present. A video inspection allows a plumber to pinpoint where the leak is so they can dig up and access that portion of the plumbing line. 

A video pipe inspection can be done during a home inspection if someone is having plumbing issues, or to determine the condition of the pipes to determine if they need to be replaced. A video pipe inspection is not cheap, but it can provide you with a lot of information about your pipes, which can be faster than digging the pipes up. Reach out to a local plumber to schedule a video pipe inspection.