4 Dangers Of Overlooking Septic Pumping Services

Posted on: 7 February 2022

Keeping your home clean and healthy is a never-ending task. You have to continuously create time and set aside money to ensure every part of your home is clean and functional. However, most homeowners concentrate more on the most noticeable home areas, neglecting the invisible areas such as the septic system.  

One of the best ways to keep your home clean and safe is to inspect your septic tank and empty it when it is full. This article will break down the dangers of overlooking septic pumping.

1. Methane Gas

If you leave a full septic tank unattended, it can release its gases back into your house, such as methane. Unfortunately, methane gas is quite harmful. If inhaled, it can cause asphyxiation—a condition where your body is deprived of oxygen. Note that your pets can be victims too.

In addition to being harmful to your health, methane gas is also flammable if produced in large quantities. Therefore, although it might not cause fire, it is always good to prevent the negative impact of methane gas. Fortunately, timely septic pumping can save you from the dangers of this gas.

2. Hydrogen Sulfide

You have probably noticed a smell of rotten eggs hanging around your home. You also suspect the septic tank could be full, but you are yet to have it pumped. Well, the unpleasant smell is not coming from rotten eggs; it could be the smell of hydrogen sulfide gas being released by your full septic tank. Continued exposure to this gas can cause stomach upset, convulsions, headaches, or irritation to the eyes. So have your septic tank pumped right away to keep these health issues at bay.

3. Home Damage

When your septic tank starts to overflow, the septic water could flood your home and destroy your yard. If this water reaches your house, it could destroy its exterior and compromise the integrity of its foundation and walls.

This will cost you much money to fix, and your home might be uninhabitable. Do not wait until your septic tank starts to overflow and wreak havoc on your property. Save yourself from costly home repairs by scheduling timely septic pumping

4. Water Contamination

An overflowing septic tank can allow viruses, pathogens, and bacteria to percolate into the soil near the tank. Eventually, these disease-causing organisms may find their way into your well and contaminate its water. As a result, you could contract diseases associated with the septic system, such as intestinal amoebas, E-coli, campylobacteriosis or even hepatitis A.

Regular inspection and pumping of your septic can help keep your water from this kind of contamination.

Scheduling timely septic pumping is the best way to protect your home from life-threatening hazards. Professional septic pumpers have the equipment and expertise needed to keep your septic system clean and your home safe from these threats.