5 Things To Know About Hydro Jetting

Posted on: 31 January 2022

Do you have a sewer drain that is clogged? If so, you'll need to reach out to a plumber that can help get the water flowing to the sewer again. Rather than use a sewer snake, it's possible to clear the clog with another process known as hydro jetting.

The Clog Is Evaluated With A Sewer Camera

One of the first things that a plumber will do is inspect your sewer line with a camera. This camera is on the end of a long and flexible cable and is able to be fed through a sewer cleanout to see what is happening within the pipe. The sewer camera helps the plumber identify what kind of clog is in the sewer and if hydro jetting will be the right solution. If the pipe is damaged or has collapsed, then sewer line repair will be necessary. 

The Plumber Supplies The Water And Power

Be aware that you do not need to supply a water source for a plumber to perform hydro jetting on your sewer line. The equipment that they bring in involves using a big tank of water that uses a gasoline-powered pump to force the water out of a nozzle at incredibly high speeds. This allows hydro jetting to be performed anywhere at any time. 

The Water Can Clear The Toughest Clogs

While you may think that a sharp blade is needed to cut through clogs caused by tree roots and various debris, the highly pressurized water actually does a great job at clearing clogs. It can break apart those tree roots into small pieces so that they continue flowing out of the drain along with the water. 

The Pipe Will Be Very Clean

A nice thing about hydro jetting is that it is going to do a much better job at cleaning your pipes than a sewer snake. Hydro jetting actually washes the pipe, which gets rid of all the debris that is coating the inside of the pipe. When you use a sewer snake, it will cut through the debris and not scrape the inside of the entire pipe. This means that hydro jetting can clean the pipes more effectively than other drain cleaning methods. 

The Pipes Will Be Safe

Even though you're clearing the clog with a powerful stream of water, know that it is not going to damage your pipes in the process. Hydro jetting is a very safe way to clear clogs without causing additional damage.