Getting Your Tank Pumped Regularly Is Important

Posted on: 14 January 2022

The most important septic cleaning service that you can have done is getting your septic tank pumped. This needs to happen every few years, depending on how many people use your tank and how big your tank is. Getting your septic tank pumped may sound intimidating, especially if it is new to you, but it is a pretty straightforward process to have done. 

Schedule a Cleaning

If you have been the septic tank owner for a while, you probably know when it was pumped last. If you have just bought a house with a tank, you might not know when it was pumped last, so you should call a septic repair company to come to your home and pump out your tank, just so that you know when it will be ready to go. 

Expose the Tank Access Point

When the septic tank service tech gets to your house, the first thing they are going to do is expose the lid or access point for the septic tank. If you know exactly where it is, that will help, but if you aren't sure, the service tech can look around to see if they can locate the tank and the lid. That will generally involve the tech using a metal pole to jam into the ground until they hit something solid. 

Clean the Tank

Once the service tech has access to the tank, they will pump everything out. The way that happens is that the tech will stick a vacuum hose with a large nozzle into the tank. The other end of that hose is attached to a tanker truck. When the vacuum is turned on, everything in the tank is then sucked up and transported over to the tank to be taken away. Without any complications, the average size tank doesn't take all that long to empty, so you won't have to wait all that long. When the tank is empty, the service tech will ask you to flush the toilet or to run some water down the drain so that they can make sure that everything is emptying into the septic tank the way that it should and that there aren't any other problems. 

Maintaining your septic tank is essential. Getting it pumped out is probably the most important maintenance and cleaning task that you can get done. A good septic repair company can come out to your house and help you with your tank. 

For more information on septic cleaning services, contact a company near you.