What To Do In An Emergency Septic Tank Situation

Posted on: 7 September 2021

In the blink of an eye, your septic tank stops functioning. As a homeowner, this can be a scary realization as you don't know what to do or how it will affect your home and family. The question is, what should you do in an emergency septic tank situation? The following information can help you deal with a septic system emergency before problems worsen:

Recognize the Symptoms

Do you know what to do when you have a leaking septic tank? What if the tank was full of bacteria or overburdened with solids? What if you had no idea how to get the situation cleaned up? You want to know how to recognize the issues with the septic system and signs of potential problems

In actuality, the septic tank requires a good level of bacteria to break down the solids. Thus, the wrong treatments for plumbing and chemicals can actually cause damage to the septic system. Slow drains, unpleasant odors, and soggy lawns in the areas of drain fields are all signs of a septic system problem.

Do Something Right Away

You can do a few things on your own to minimize the risk of having your septic system fail. In some cases, it's necessary to get someone out there with equipment to efficiently handle the job. While you are waiting for professional help, though, there are a few things that you can do on your own. The first step to minimize septic system damage is to stop using the plumbing drains in your home until the problem is solved. If your system has a cleanout, you might want to open it to relieve pressure if the septic lines are backing up into your home.

Find Out What's Causing The Issue

It is also important to get down to the main causes of your septic system problem. More often than not, the issues with septic systems are going to start with problems with the tank. It is often due to lack of maintenance, decaying concrete tanks, and issues with foreign waste in the system. These problems also lead to issues with the septic drain field, which can cause serious damage to your system that requires costly repairs. Roots and decaying old pipes can also cause problems with septic systems too.

An unbalanced septic system is an impending disaster. It can lead to flooding of your property, toxic gasses in your home, and many other problems. Contact an emergency septic tank repair service like DWR Waste Removal & Septic for the help you need.