Signs Of A Damaged Sewer Line

Posted on: 6 July 2021

Broken sewer pipes are a rare occurrence because they're always tucked underground. But how can you tell there's a problem with your sewer line, yet it's hidden away from plain sight? Well, there are some vital signs of a collapsed, broken, or cracked sewer pipe. If you can identify these signs early enough, it will be possible to repair the sewer line before it becomes an environmental and safety hazard.

Here some tell-tale signs of a damaged sewer line.

The Smell of Sewer Gas

If there's sewer-like odor coming from your drains, chances are you have a faulty sewer line. Exposure to sewer gas can be harmful to your eyes and respiratory system, meaning that you should call a plumber to deal with the issue immediately.

The smell of sewer gas is a sign that you have a broken, blocked, or cracked pipe allowing gas into your home. In most cases, the smell will be strong at the drain and floor level. Unfortunately, the smell won't go away until a sewer line repair is done.

Mold and Mildew Around Your Walls

Apart from the sewer odor, you might start to notice mold and mildew thriving around some regions of your walls or ceiling. In most cases, mold growth will be prevalent in areas where the sewer line passes. This indicates that the sewer pipes are leaking fluids. Either way, you have to call in a professional to diagnose and solve the problem. Both mold growth and sewer odor are signs of a break or crack in your sewage drain pipes.

Rodent and Pests Problem

Have you started seeing a surge in the number of rodents around your home? Well, they're most likely accessing your home through a crack in the sewer line. You might think that calling a rodent exterminator might help, but it won't. These pests will keep coming back until the crack or hole in your sewer line is sealed. 

The same case applies to pests such as roaches. These insects can squeeze their way through tiny cracks located on your sewer pipes. In this case, you'll have to address the problem before your family starts suffering from diseases and allergies. 

Extra Green Patches of Grass on the Yard

Having a lush, green lawn isn't bad, but it's a cause for concern if a specific section has extra green patches of grass. Unless you're only fertilizing that section, the grass in your yard should be uniform. Unfortunately, leakage from your main sewer line can give extra nutrients to the soil. The sewage acts as a fertilizer; thus, giving the affected area an extra green appearance.

Contact a sewer repair service for more information.