Summer Survival Tips For Your Septic Tank System

Posted on: 1 June 2020

Summer brings with it lots of opportunities to do work outside the house or perhaps invite some friends and family over for a fun backyard gathering. But while you are enjoying your time in the sun, you will also want to be mindful of your septic tank system. Your septic tank needs regular maintenance and care just like any other part of your property, but you might want to be especially cautious with it while engaging in the unique activities of summer. Here are some important summer survival tips to keep in mind for your septic tank system.

Be Mindful of Where Your Septic Tank and Lines Are Located When Landscaping

Summer is a great time to spruce up your front or back yard, perhaps by planting an additional tree, bush, or garden. When planting new additions to your yard, be mindful of the roots. You don't want to plant something so close to your septic lines that the roots end up causing a problem. Out of control roots could push right through your septic lines and cause a leak or clog. If you will be bringing any heavy equipment or vehicles onto your yard to help with the landscaping, make sure that nothing heavy-duty drives over the lines.

Be Mindful of Food Waste During Parties

Summer is also a time when you might do some additional cooking. Maybe it's a backyard BBQ or a 4th of July party and you are inviting over all of your family and friends. Extra food being made means extra waste at the end of the day. If you have a septic tank, the sink is the last place you want any of this waste to go, especially if that waste includes grease or any other sticky substances like BBQ sauce. Consider putting up a small sign by your sink telling your friends to scrape food off into the nearby trash can instead of sending it down the sink. If you are going to have an especially big party like for someone's birthday or graduation, consider a septic tank pumping before the event to make extra room just in case.

Space Out Water Use

Summer may also see you doing extra loads of laundry or your family taking more showers after getting sweaty or dirty in the hot summer sun. It's important for your septic tank that you space out your water use as much as possible so it has time to recover. Contact a septic pump service if you encounter any issues.